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IRCTC PNR Status Checker website will help you in finding your confirmation details by using your PNR number. We only provide real time data and status about your ticket. We don't share it with anyone else.

The data that we send to you is real time and won't get stored anywhere by any means. We don't manipulate any data and publish it to others by any means. This website doesn't take liability for the errors made by official IRCTC website or any malfunction caused to the same.

We fully provide all the services and options present in our website. We don't take any responsibility if server of IRCTC shuts down or of any anomaly caused by irregular behavior of the IRCTC official website. This website is an independent source of sharing information regarding PNR status.

Unlike official IRCTC website, you would see no. of adds due to an AdSense account activated on the website. We're free working body which has no relations and contacts with IRCTC department or to any other government sector.

No any outside organization controls or affects our normal functioning. By using our website you're agreeing to all terms and conditions of our website and violation of the same can result to serious action.


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