Being one of the busiest and largest railway networks in the world, Indian railways have influenced our lives, more than anything. It is the cheapest and reliable source of transportation. In this busy system of transportation, every passenger is uniquely denoted by the PNR number, printed on the ticket, he/she has reserved. PNR stands for passenger name record, is a computer generated, 10 digits number, used for giving a unique identity to every passenger, and to hold the information about him/her. Along with that, every ticket has a 5 digits train number, as to by which train you’re travelling.

All the information, regarding train, its route, timings, duration of journey, and frequency can be checked by this train number. You can easily check every detail on our website, regarding your train number and PNR status really fast, and with no complexity. Just enter 5 Digit train number, present in the middle of your ticket to the train schedule status checker above to get train route details (stations at which the train stops), train timing, train schedule for the week and Train name.

Our websites uses third party information encryption to get you the train details. The information is updated as soon as the railways make any modifications. The system is bug free and you can rely on it completely. If you face any problem, or unable to track your train’s details, you can refresh the page and try again. If the problem still persists, you can drop us a message and our professional team will surely get back to you soon.

This 5 digit train number is very useful, if you have no information, about your train journey, stations and time elapsed. You can easily find station to station distance, timings and other aspects of the train. It is just easy as entering the digits and submitting it. Our website is designed to give you every detail about your train, journey and seating arrangements; you just have to know the required numbers.

Lakhs of people travel through railways every day, and we are bound to help every one of them. We would find ourselves lucky, if you ever consider our website for any help. Apart from train details, we also provide other information like train schedules. Explore our website for further details, and you can check our blog, in case of any help regarding journeys and trains.