To win at sports betting, you can bet on just about anything. Victory and defeat, but also the number of games scored in a second set, the number of corners conceded in the first half, the name of the player who received the first yellow card. 

You can bet on the normal score or on a handicap (done a lot in the UK and the US). For example, you could bet that Manchester United will win against Arsenal by more than one goal – this is the same as giving Manchester a one goal handicap. 

Finally, you should know that all sports and leagues are available. If you are a Hungarian football fan, you will find what you are looking for on your favourite betting site. But it is also possible to bet on boxing, cricket, snooker, or surfing. 

There are even some really unusual bets, like betting on the next US president or the sex of Prince William’s first baby (yes, the British are a bit crazy sometimes). 

Is there a strategy to winning at sports betting? 

sports betting tips

A sports match has no logic, and the strongest player is not always the one who wins in the end. There are many surprises, especially in football and even more so in the French Ligue 1. 

Many will tell you to bet the favourite on every match. 

Let’s take the 2012/2013 football season (yes that’s going back), Paris Saint Germain was the clear favourite, right? And yet, if you had bet 10 dollars on all the PSG games during the season, you would have won only 21 dollars in the end. Not much to pay, especially as you would have spent the season with a negative balance (less winnings than bets). 

You could also use the opposite technique and for example bet on the big odds (the underdog’s, not the favourite’s) and hope it goes through. You wouldn’t win often, but the few wins could make up for the many losses. Still, the odds have to be big. 

I also suggest the 350 dollars program (available ), which is not a miracle method but rather an intelligent technique to take advantage of the bonuses offered by the sports betting sites and win a minimum of 350 dollars 

The same programme has just been launched in April 2018 for Belgium 🇧🇪, you can join it by clicking here. 

Betting online or at the local pub?

sports betting mobile

It is commonly accepted that the odds are much better online. Plus, online betting offers flexibility and speed that the bistro down the road can’t. You can easily compare odds from different bookmakers and sites, see what your favourite tipster is saying and read the latest news on the game you want to bet on. 

And finally, the most important reason: online sports betting sites offer quite generous sign-up bonuses of up to $100 for every $100 deposited. 

Obviously, if these sites have been created, it is because there is money to be made for them. You should know that on average they pay out between 80% and 90% of the total bets: the odds they offer are therefore calculated in real time to optimise this percentage and for the sports betting sites to come out “winners” in this process. 

But as you can see, to win at sports betting, it is better to bet online. 

For my part, if you live , I think that any site can do the trick. But because of its seriousness and experience, I still recommend that you bet on the Française des Jeux site, Sport (which is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100 dollars). In addition to its experience in the field of betting in general, the Sport site offers the following advantages 

  • A welcome bonus of up to $100.
  • Some losing bets are refunded (“Second chance”).
  • Its smartphone application is of excellent quality.

Neat interface, perfect for those who have never bet before.

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