Every player, who creates his CasinoChan login and password, can be confident in the safety of their data. But any gambler can become a potential victim of cheaters. It is always frustrating to lose, but even more frustrating to realize that there was originally no chance to win because you had to play with a cheater.

What kinds of scams are there and how not to run into them?

Clones of Famous Online Casinos

This strategy assumes that cheaters create a site similar to that of a well-known casino. They can “play” with you, using dishonest methods, which will lead to your loss in 100% of cases. They may simply steal your data (login and password to enter the real online casino, personal data, payment information, credit card numbers) and use it to get your money.

So it is worth carefully checking which site you go to. In fact, the game in the casino requires as much attention as the bank transactions: there and there money, and you can not relax. Despite the fact that the casino is a game.

A Win-win Strategy for Taking Money from Casinos

Already by the name it is clear that this is a “scam”. But someone believes and pays money to buy such a strategy (in 99% of cases you will get the Martingale principle, which is already 200 years old, under the guise of a winning strategy), or goes to the site of the fraudulent casino offered and plums money there. Or even goes to the site of a proven casino, but still does not see any phenomenal results.

One of the variations of the same scam is when you are offered to play in a casino with someone else’s money. There can be two variations of this:

  • If you lose money, you are forced to pay it back in various ways.
  • If you win, then you are offered after that to continue to play on their own by the same “magic” system.

No matter how lucky you are, no one has ever been able to win from a casino indefinitely, and any such “system” requires placing more bets without stopping, so the result is obvious.

Hacking and Stealing Passwords

Online Games

This strategy is used by scammers who try to get personal data, passwords and bank card numbers from players who play at legitimate casinos.  Different schemes are used for this, mostly cheating or an attempt to hack into an account.

Sometimes cheaters act as the players themselves and try to cheat legal casinos, using the following techniques:

  • Abuse of bonuses.
  • Opening multiple accounts.
  • Submitting false information about yourself.

How Casinos Deal With Cheaters

Experts say that every modern casino should have the same modern equipment, and the same protocols for processing bets, collecting statistics, and protection against hacker attacks. In this case, hackers are unlikely to get what they want.

The main strategies for fighting are as follows:

  • Rigid identification, the requirement for players to provide not only passport data, but also scans of passports and residency data.
  • Tracking suspicious activity (password attempts, attempts to start several accounts from one device) and blocking access for such devices.
  • Making blacklists of cheating players.
  • Denial of registration to those people who have previously gained notoriety as cheaters, whether in casino games or other areas.

For honest gamblers, nothing requires so much as attentiveness and a healthy lack of trust, which almost deny cheaters any chance of success.

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