More accessible, that’s what the game baccarat needed to reach a maximum of players who, once they taste the pleasures of the game, come back for sure. And this has been the case for hundreds of years, because baccarat is not new.

In fact, the casino baccarat we know today is a combination of several other games that were played in the days of the kings. Interested in the history of baccarat? Then you will be surprised to learn that this game has travelled through Europe over the centuries, becoming increasingly richer as it moved from the United Kingdom to France, via Italy. Blackjack’s little cousin has never ceased to evolve into the form we know today, and which was even celebrated by Ian Fleming in his books dedicated to the famous James Bond.

Speaking of history, if you like reading, we recommend “Baccara Hector Malot”. It is a novel from 1886, about the sordid adventures of Constant, a deputy and cloth merchant who fell in love with the game of baccarat in the late 17th century.

How does a round of baccarat card games work? The rules

Casino Baccarat

The game of baccarat is simple. Two face-up cards are dealt to the players, and one face-up card and one face-down card are dealt to the bank. Each card is worth a particular number of points:

  • Aces = 1;
  • Cards from 2 to 9 = value shown on the card;
  • 10, Jack, Queen and King = 0.

The aim of a game of baccarat card games will be to get 9 points or as close to it as possible, bearing in mind that the tens digit will simply be cancelled out (2 and 9 will make 11, but will count as 1 point). If the score is less than 6, the player’s third card will be drawn and will determine whether or not they win against the dealer.

The Baccarat Game, An Original And Successful Game

Baccarat online

The great thing about the baccarat game, and this is its number one feature, is the bets you can make. In fact, you don’t have many if you compare them to roulette for example, but what is sure is that there is a very attractive and rather original one, which is the one you can make on the banker’s hand. Instead of defending your hand, you can bet on the fact that the banker’s hand will win the round, which is quite exceptional in the casino. If you choose this bet, which is the most interesting in terms of probability, then you will still have to pay a commission to the casino which amounts to 5% of the winnings you make. So, do you want to use the casino’s help to make money? Don’t hesitate to do so.

The great thing about this type of internet gambling is that there are many baccarat variants such as baccarat railroad. Based on the same principle as baccarat, this version of baccarat is a favourite among players. What makes it special? The ability to automatically double your bet. Of course, other versions such as punto banco baccarat will add even more excitement to your game sessions…

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