If you’re considering playing at online casinos, you may be wondering how to get started. You may also have doubts about whether this is the right decision for you, or even whether it is safe to play online.

Others may simply want to know more about how online casinos work and what they have to offer.

You’ll find all of these articles below, with an overview of what each one covers. You will also find some recommendations on the best places to play. It’s natural to be apprehensive about playing casino games on the web with real money, so we’ve also explained the fairness and security of online casinos.

Complete with articles for the more expert

Finally, for those who wish to go further, each guide will be accompanied at the end by articles dealing with more complex casino gaming topics and much more.

Online casino bonuses

Online casino

A few years ago, online casinos had a fairly clear set of terms and conditions for bonuses, but unfortunately this is no longer the case. Casinos have moved on and have started to restrict the opportunities for bonus hunters to take advantage of them. Bonus hunters are players who only participate in casino promotions that have loopholes in their terms and conditions so that they can take advantage of them.

Casinos are of course businesses and a successful business needs to make money to stay alive in the long run. So they have started to protect themselves against bonus hunters and have put in place a system of complicated terms and conditions for bonuses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, as it is a legal system, but it is sometimes very difficult for a novice player to understand.

The most unpleasant part of all this is that these conditions usually apply to casual players as well. Online casinos don’t take into account your pure motivation to get a little extra boost for your bankroll and apply the same set of rules to you. Luckily for you, we’ve written a comprehensive guide to casino bonuses here.

Game strategies and maths

casino games

Most of the games offered by casinos are luck-based. Some of them include a skill factor. For example, if you know the optimal strategy for blackjack or video poker, you will probably do better than the average player, but in the long run, you will always end up losing money. There are two exceptions to this rule. The first is card counting, and the second is poker, where you are competing against other people and not the casino.

Before venturing into an online casino, you need to be at peace with the fact that these establishments were created to make money and not the other way around. For many, this is not a problem as gambling is a way to have a good time and enjoy yourself.

If it was possible to beat the casinos at the beginning of this century, it was due to the fact that they were so new to the industry and had little knowledge of the bonus hunters or other leaks they might have in their games.

Today, things have changed and if you come across a guide that teaches you how to beat casinos, be very sceptical. Usually these websites are associated with the casinos themselves and the “double your bet on roulette” tips no longer work.

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